Benefits of outdoor playground equipment | Hugoplay

Benefits of outdoor playground equipment | Hugoplay

Are you annoyed with your child playing video games on the mobile and tablet at home? Remembering your own childhood and finding no similarity between what your child is doing and what you did when you were a child? You are not the only one feeling this way!
Today, all parents are going through the same dilemma with their children.

Children these days are indoors and rarely go out to play outdoor games and sports. In the light of this pressing issue that can have long-term precarious repercussions, it is necessary that you take a step as a parent or collectively take a step in the housing society you dwell in. Playground equipment is a need of the hour, especially if we want our children to enjoy their childhood much like we did and if we want them to develop to their fullest. Still thinking why? There are many benefits of outdoor playground equipment, here are a few enumerated,

Social Development

How did you make friends when you were a little child? Random friends often categorized as garden friends, society friends, school friends etc., right? Do your children also have such categories of friends? Maybe not! They might have a playmate friend who comes over at home, plays indoor games and leaves. Play dates have become common these days!

Social development is extremely important. When children go out to play, on an outdoor playground equipment, they mingle with other children and learn their own ways to socialise, even with unknown people. They learn social skills of talking, behaving, sharing and playing together in the open. This is an extremely important aspect of a growing child’s development needs and can pretty much be solved if they move out of their homes to play with kids of the neighbourhood.

Physical Development

Well, this is a very obvious factor that can help your child develop physically. As more and more the children prefer to stay indoors unexposed to nature, the chances of infections and viruses – a drop in their immunities is witnessed. While exposing themselves to other children and fresh air will definitely leave them susceptible to germs but it will also help their immunity grow making their bodies more resistant. At the same time, playground equipment will assist in physical development.

We at Hugo Play are one of the best playground manufacturers in India and we design some of the best outdoor playground equipment to bolster physical growth in a child but of course, in a safe way, minimising risk of physical injuries and falls. Climbing, hanging, running, and stretching of their little muscles is important for development, especially physically.

Look around and see if there is any open space where your child can indulge in some playground equipment. If you have some open space in the housing society you live in or in your backyards at your homes, you can call or email our team. They will come over, assess the space you have, the time you have for the set-up and the budget you have in mind and help you make an outdoor play area for the kids. It definitely will be worth the investment, call Hugoplay now! Contact us on +91 8892071110 OR Visit –

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