Safety Flooring

When Kids play they tend to bruise their elbow and knees. Thus it’s important to make playground safety a priority, in order to eliminate the risk of more serious accidents. We at Hugo will advise and install the right surface for your project.

With our safety flooring, you can be assured of your child’s safety!

Our Surfacing Material Is As Per Industry Standards And Safety Norms

Playground Mats

Our rubber playground mats come in various sizes and thicknesses and have been designed to serve different functions around your playground. Swing and Slide playground mats are made to be used under swing sets or slides. These playground mats are thick and heavy, and help to protect the flooring that is underneath the swing or slide. If the playground surface is rocks, rubber or dirt, these mats will help to protect that surface ensuring your playground is safe for the children.


Playground Tiles

  • Playground tiles are the most popular safety surfacing we offer. These are available in many different colors and thicknesses. Playground tiles are porous, ensuring a dry playing surface even after a heavy rain. 
  • They are slip-resistant!
  • Maintenance costs are unbelievably low
  • We can build any pattern that you want – child-friendly designs are available.
  • They are recommended for outdoor fitness areas too.
safety flooring